How to choose perfect stockings
How to choose perfect stockings

How to choose perfect stockings

There is no ‘one fit for all’ mantra when you go out to buy stockings. Nowadays because of the advancement in technology, there is a wide variety of stockings and tights available to fulfill your every need and whim.

When you go out to buy stockings the next time, keep these points in mind and you will never end up with a bad pair.

1. Types of hosiery
2. Pattern and Texture
3. Color of stockings
4. Which Denier works and looks best

You also need to keep in mind what looks best on you on the basis of your height, bodyshape, and skin color.

• Darker colors will make your legs appear slimmer.
• Stockings in shades that match the color of your heel will make your leg line look longer.
• Patterns and bright color make the leg line look fuller.
• Monochromatic look from head to toe works best for women who are short in height.
• If you are tall, go for contrast in color and pattern.
• For women with big calves and knees, neutral and darker stockings with a higher denier are preferable.
• Always buy stockings a size bigger than you must.
• When wearing sandals or open-toe heels, never choose a skin tone colored stockings.
• Black stockings are an all-rounder and give you a smart and elegant look everytime.
• Wear the appropriate denier as per weather and occasion.
• Choose your hosiery according to your body type.

A good pair of stockings will provide the right fit for your legs and calves, and make you look trendy and stylish.
No matter what the fashion or occasion demands, there is a leg type, shape and color for everyone.

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