Stockings, Fashion and You
Stockings, Fashion and You

Stockings, Fashion and You

From being viewed as a covering for the legs, to providing warmth in the early 1900s and to finally becoming an elegant fashion choice in the 21st century, stockings have come a long way.
Though the history of stockings is as ancient as that of any other garment, they have become a fashion statement only in recent decades. While stockings runs up to mid-thigh, pantyhose covers and sculpts the body from waist to toe.

Stockings along with tights and pantyhose is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way for a woman to update her looks and multiply her wardrobe options. Not only are stockings in style, but they are also a must-have for every ordinary or special occasion. A good pair of stockings will add volumes to a woman’s feminine mystique and sexual allure.
With the advancement in knitting and technology – colors and patterns like fishnets, argyles, jacquards, etc are in vogue. Now, women have a range of stockings to choose from in every color, design and pattern imaginable.

But still, stockings have not found their way into the wardrobe of ordinary ladies. There are women everywhere who have yet to incorporate stockings into their lives comfortably. It’s time they should stop hesitating and confidently embrace the evergreen fashion trend.

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